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The price of the goods for sale on "" are invoiced in Euro. The amount charged to your credit card or your paypal account may vary depending on the exchange rates in force at the time of the complaint and reason for any banking Committee. "" invite customers to contact your bank to request detailed information about Exchange rates and bank charges relating to your transaction.


The following forms of payment are accepted by ""
Credit card
At the time of purchase, customers enter the details of your credit card in a secure electronic banking system, provided by Paypal. 
It is possible to make purchases using Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Please visit for more information. 
Customers is sent, via email, a confirmation code of the transaction. Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase even if you pre-order (custom items) Although the shipment of these items occurs later in the season.
Bank Transfer
Choose the payment method "BANK WIRE TRANSFER (bank transfer) the customer automatically sends an order to "". This order is confirmed by an e-mail sent by customer service ""with our bank details, after which the goods are put aside awaiting the arrival of the bank transfer to our account. The client is obliged to send a copy of your payment via FAX or email within 48 hours of receipt of order confirmation.
If within this period "" will not receive the copy of the payment, will cancel the order.
We will ship your order when the transfer reaches our bank account and as soon as the goods will be available in our warehouse. 
PayPal Payment 
Choosing the method of payment PAYPAL customers can pay directly through your Paypal account. "" reserves the right to send the goods to the address indicated on the account verified by Paypal. 
New customers we want to remind our new customers "" may request to Paypal to verify the transaction, evencontacting the Bank counterpart, before the actual charge on customer's credit card. Such verification may cause some delay in the shipment of your first order.

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